The Lazarus of Mozilla Marketing

(First, thanks to everyone for their kind wishes on the birth of our second daughter, Hannah.  I will post pictures on here…eventually.)

In the meantime, for those that missed it, my kind and helpful colleagues Alix and Jay have picked up the venerable marketing mailing list.  They dusted the old boy down, gave him a shave, and put him back on his feet again, and he’s as good as new.  Well, in fairness, there were many people who had been using this list for a while, but in my opinion, it hadn’t been receiving – and there’s no other way to put this – the love it deserved from myself and others.

And so, for anyone with an interest in promoting the Mozilla mission, or Thunderbird, Firefox, SeaMonkey, and who is generally well disposed to reading and writing emails on the topic, point your browser here:

or if you are a Google Groups kind of person, here:

-see you on the Internet.