Worth a thousand words

Echoing William: if you have organised Mozilla events, or if you’re a passionate Firefox advocate, and would like to appear in our forthcoming web-based Mozilla Community Marketing Guide, please do let William know. (NB. link is his email, not mine…)

We’re looking for pictures of Mozilla community members.  There are a couple of constraints: anyone featured needs to sign and return a release form in order for us to use the  photographs in the guide, and we cannot guarantee we will use any picture, but you have to be in it to win it as they say… so if you have a good picture, we would really like to hear from you!

p.s. please contact William, not me, as I will be offline for a little while…

3 thoughts on “Worth a thousand words

  1. I think this Mozilla community is a really great idea for all those of us who like to share the different things about Mozilla and for those who want to attend the different events.

  2. I agree with that opinion that such a Mozilla community is a really good thing that not only works for Firefox advocates but also for people who just started using this program. Here they would have the chance to ask people who have more experience in using it.

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