About Patrick Finch

I´m Patrick Finch, working on product strategy for Mozilla and Happyr  Father, son, husband and Fantasy League Manager (Up The Inevitability!), native Liverpudlian, adopted Eskilstuninan.  I live adjacent to the ever-inspiring Tuna Park. If you want to get in touch, my emails are (variously) patrick(at)mozilla.com, patrick(at)happyr.com and patrick.finch(at)gmail.com.  I tweet sporadically.

image of Patrick Finch

It’s me, Patrick Finch.

Some facts about me made up by William:
favourite film: “Soy Cuba” 1964 (which I have not actually seen)
favourite book: “1984” Orwell
middle name: Ernesto
lucky number: 1917
favourite food: borscht

I do not have an enthusiasm that is contagious.

I should also make it absolutely clear that this blog is in no way representative of or affiliated with the most excellent Tuna Park shopping centre, a retail pearl in (Eskilstunan suburb of) Lundby’s oyster.


8 responses to “About Patrick Finch

  1. barton808

    Although you live in Sweden, aren’t you originally from Manchester in the UK?

  2. patrickfinch

    Barton, you are an hilarious prankster.

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  5. fuoco

    Hello, is there any IDE for deveopment of Firefox extensions?

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  8. Tom Marble


    It was great to see you at FOSDEM! Please e-mail me so I can get your current e-mail address.


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