Community Meetup in Stockholm, June 2nd

A belated thanks to everyone who made it to the Mozilla community meetup in Stockholm last Tuesday (50 or so souls, by my counting), and a special thanks to our speakers, to Tim at bwin, and a shout out to Andreas Nilsson, who made the trek all the over from Göteborg: we appreciate it!  David has a nice write-up here.

William surprising his audience at Stomozcom

William surprising his audience at Stomozcom

All I would add to that would be to encourage anyone who wants to be informed of future meetups to sign up to the Mozilla Sweden mailing list by sending a mail with “Subscribe” in the subject to mozilla-sv-request [at]  Indeed, if you have Sweden-related Mozilla news, please do post it to the alias.

And thanks to those people who provided feedback on the programme.  We spread our net quite far and wide on this occasion, covering support, QA, add-ons and marketing.  This meant that there was something for everyone, but probably also that not everything was for anyone.  Might we want to focus on a specific topic in the agenda next time?  Get in touch and share your thoughts.

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