Heroes needed! Firefox OS brand survey

If you’re reading this in your second language, there’s every chance that you could be a big help to us in launching Firefox OS.  Firefox OS is, of course, one of the most exciting developments in the history of the Mozilla project and squarely addresses this biggest threat to the Web today: the rise of proprietary mobile stacks.  Firefox OS is all about breathing new life and, yes, openness, into the mobile Web.

We’ve named Firefox OS “Firefox OS” for a number of reasons.  It wasn’t obvious to me that we should name it after the browser, but there are some important factors that inform this decision.  Ultimately, “Firefox OS” has the best chance of attracting users, and attracting the investments of important partners, to the platform.  Without rehashing that debate too much, it goes like this:

We need to consolidate our investment, and that of our partners, on a particular brand.   Mozilla is a house of brands, rather than a branded house.  We’re now taking Firefox and making it a house of brands for a mobile ecosystem.  The alternatives are to create a new sub-brand, and continue with the house-of-brands arrangement of today, while incurring the expense and risk of trying to create a new consumer-facing brand, and giving us a confusing product (multiple brands on one phone) in a market (mobile phone operating systems) that is characterised by great simplicity.  If you’re glazing over, don’t worry.  The point is this: we need to know how strong the Firefox brand is in many parts of the world.

If you are able to translate English into one of these locales:

China (zh-CN)
India (hi-IN)
Thailand (th)
Vietnam (vi)
Belgium (fr)
Bulgaria (bg)
Croatia (hr)
Finland (fi)
France (fr)
Greece (el)
Italy (it)
Netherlands (nl)
Slovakia (sk)
Sweden (sv-SE)
Turkey (tr)
Ukraine (uk)
Ecuador (es-EC)
Morocco (ar, fr)
Nigeria (en)
Tunisia (ar)
Japan (ja)
Singapore (en, ms)
Portugal (pt-PT)
Romania (ro)
Serbia (sr)

you can help!  The bug to jump on is Translation of Firefox OS market research study for additional locales and the file to translate is hereMilos and I are here to help too.

And lastly – a big thank you to Dwayne, Fernando, Inma, Anas, Pavel, Peter, Coce and Alexander for your help with this already.

updated Swedish and Greek locales

14 thoughts on “Heroes needed! Firefox OS brand survey

    • It’s Greek, not Hebrew – copied the locales from the bug and you’re right, the code is incorrect. I’ll update the bug too, thanks.

    • First, sign into Bugzilla – you can get the source document from there. Simply translate it, and upload your translated spreadsheet into Bugzilla with a comment for which locale you translated.

    • Ashutosh – to make it easier, you can just email milos (at) mozilla.com and he’ll help you translate it over email. Thank you!

      • PK: this absolutely puts the onus on the site atohur only the site atohur knows what should and should not appear on their site. Browsers are designed to parse and render what they find, and if what they find is an attack then that malicious content will be included it all looks the same to the browser.The feature is completely optional. If the site atohur was just going to use wildcards then they should skip CSP. But if they want to do the work to specify their policy then the browser can cooperate with them in enforcing those restrictions.

    • Locale code updated – sv-SE is what we usually use to indicate Swedish, I’ll update the bug, thanks.

      And no, I don’t seriously expect you to enter your wordpress password on patrickfinch.com. If that’s the setting, it must have been globally applied from another project I’ve been working on, I’ll dig into that, thanks.

    • Probably not – the spreadsheet is pretty short and simple, and it’s being automatically uploaded to a vendor CMS for publication in different countries.

  1. I’m assuming that you need both Dutch (nl) and French (fr) for Belgium? With French only you would cover 43% of the country at most (based on Firefox use metrics).

    Anyway, you can simply reuse the French (fr) and Dutch (nl) versions of the questionnaire in Belgium, except maybe for the brand awareness question.

    Phone brands (same as Poland):
    Nokia, Samsung, Sony, HTC, ZTE

    Mobile operators (the last two being MVNOs):
    Base, Proximus, Mobistar, Telenet, Mobile Vikings

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