Borders and contests

On November 9th the Mobile team announced the Mobile Add-On Challenge, and I gather that they are delighted with the interest shown in the contest so far.  They will be awarding prizes of Nokia N900s (nice) to the 10 best entries, and you still have three weeks to submit your add-on.

However, I have received a questions about the rules of eligibility for the contest.  We are really sorry that there are certain regions and countries where the contest is not available.  I wanted to make it absolutely clear with this post that this is a legal restriction imposed on Mozilla that relates to running such contests – not to code, and these laws are no barrier to participation in the rest of the Mozilla project.

For all that we are very sorry that there are members of the Mozilla community who are not able to take part in this Mobile Add-On Challenge.  Like all open source projects, Mozilla is founded on participation and we believe that people should be able to participate wherever they are.

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