links for 2009-10-28

  • "Also, is the interface supposed to be so appalling? Perhaps it’s me, but the orphaned extra toolbar off to the right-hand side doesn’t make much sense. And then there’s the two Tools menus: one in the aforementioned toolbar and another in the Menu Bar toolbar (which is, admittedly, optional), both of which have different things in them. Have I missed something? Since when do applications have two menus with the same name that have different items in them? " I wondered about this too. The IE user interface appears to have been designed by a committee with several agendas. Two menus with the same name and different contents exposed in the chrome of the application? That's just weird.
    (tags: ie8)
  • "What the hell is going on over at Microsoft? The marketing team is desperate to look cool and win cred with the social media crowd, but such desperation just keeps making the company look like a pathetic hipster doofus. " Well, my take is that MSFT are just trying to do something – anything – not to live up to the "I'm a PC" stereotype. Whatever the impact on Apple's brand, the position is crafted for MSFT was so powerful that I think it has left some MSFT people confused and frustrated.
    (tags: microsoft)
  • I don't get this. Why would Oracle's (largely failed) investment in Unbreakable Linux mean they are prepared to walk away from OpenSolaris? OpenSolaris has a real community behind it now, and Solaris has certifications that Unbreakable Linux lacked so badly…
    (tags: opensolaris)

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