Is this the real life, Is this just fantasy?

Mozilla Camp Europe is nearly upon us.


I am really excited about the event (hard not to be), and I am very grateful to everyone who submitted papers for the advocacy track.  This year we will have a very special guest keynoting, Mr Glyn Moody, whose blog I have read for a long time.  And while I don’t want to play favourites with the sessions (after all, there are too many to go to anyway), there is one that I would like to call people’s attention to before hand because it requires a little preparation.

Alina is leading a session on remixing the Mozilla manifesto.  I think that this is incredibly important.  On my first day at Mozilla, Tristan said two things to me: first, that he was pleased to see me (nice), second, read the manifesto.  While I do not think that we will ever be successful in trying to persuade people to use Firefox or Thunderbird or SeaMonkey because of specific public benefit goals or open source or of web standards, I also think that it is really important that we do everything we can to explain to people why these things matter, and what Mozilla is doing about it.

So I think that Alina’s idea is a really important one, and whether or not you can make it to Prague, please take 5 minutes to re-read the manifesto and then spell out what it means to you.  To me, it’s about the Internet being a shared, public resource.

Please use the tag #mymozman to help Alina collect all the thoughts.

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