links for 2009-07-29

  • "Because while I certainly do believe in the free exchange of ideas, I also believe in the rights of those who produce those ideas in the first place to be rewarded and respected. With ebooks, as with normal books, the idea that you are buying the right to own the content has always been a fallacy embraced by idiots – just try to photocopy your copy of Harry Potter or post it online and see how quickly the lawyers from Bloomsbury come calling." Paul Carr (a writer who doesn't actually write very well) fails to understand why people are upset with Amazon deleting copies of works from their Kindles. The problem is not copyright, it is the idea that you "own" something which is ultimately under the control of a someone else. Sure, everyone agreed to these terms when they bought a Kindle, but having the implications made so material understandably upsets people. I prefer books anyway. Not sure how good the Kindle is for annotating.
    (tags: kindle)

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