Firefox 3.5 Roundup

“Firefox’s Private Browsing is plain, it’s less flexible, and it’s actually a little dull. But it does what it says it does and behaves the way one should reasonably expect. That’s why I’m judging the victor in Round 1 of this duel to be Firefox 3.5. If Chrome had given me even so much as a warning about not clearing my history yet, or an option to either retain my Incognito history for the duration of the Windows session or not, then I would have scored this one for Chrome.” Interesting review. The reviewer says he might have prefered the functionality of Chrome, had it been what he had been lead to expect – but it was not.
Still the One to Beat: Firefox 3.5’s speed, customizability, and support for new standards secure its spot as our Editors’ Choice Web browser.

Firefox 3.5: Back on top… for now – Computerworld Blogs

“Sorry Opera; too bad about what happened to you, Netscape; and Internet Explorer, please, don’t make me laugh. The best Web browser on the planet is Firefox 3.5… for now. ”

“If you already use Firefox you’ll want to upgrade right away. If you’re not a Firefox user, this version represents a very good opportunity to give the browser a test run.”

Firefox 3.5: The Technologizer Review | Technologizer

“Bottom line: If you seek browser advice from me and we’re not in a hurry, I may assess your particular needs and suggest something other than Mozilla’s browser. But if time is of the essence, I’ll happily give the six-word recommendation I’ve provided countless times since 2004: You won’t go wrong with Firefox.”

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