links for 2009-06-08

  • Users are "leeches" ? If you produce open source software and you think of users as "leeches", you are probably using the wrong business model. Users are always good.
    (tags: opensource)
  • "It takes real courage to stand out front telling users about this major hose-job and try to find a way to spin it so the users won’t turn into a lynch mob." – a lively commentary about the MSFT .Net framework assistant Add-on.
  • Brain Krebs on MSFT's "silent" Firefox add-on: "Anyway, I'm sure it's not the end of the world, but it's probably infuriating to many readers nonetheless. Firstly — to my readers — I apologize for overlooking this…"feature" of the .NET Framework security update. Secondly — to Microsoft — this is a great example of how not to convince people to trust your security updates." Indeed: the lack of respect for the user's preferences with respect to their own security is pretty staggering.
  • Disturbing piece this, in which a Motley Fool columnist describes a European Commissioner as exhibiting "idiocy" and a being a "joke". Particularly telling was this comment: "IE doesn't give MSFT any competitive advantages at all.", which displays the author's ignorance of how the web works, and indeed, how technology markets in general function.
    (tags: motleyfool ie)

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