The Cuban Missile Opportunity

Hmmm,  this is a lovely idea, and a beautiful (if Flash heavy) site:

(It offers you a Firefox add-on to replace the word “crisis” with “opportunity”).  Although I think there may be a few contexts where it might not work so well, and specifically Supertramp’s 1975 album, Opportunity, what opportunity?



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2 responses to “The Cuban Missile Opportunity

  1. This is a very cool little app. I also love the site design and the way they present it, very slick. BTW you get bonus points for citing Supertramp!

  2. Yes, let’s think positive. Heck, right now, the world is in the midst of the biggest financial opportunity since 1929 !

    … What a great add-on and hats-off to the designer behind that slick website.

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