links for 2009-03-31

  • Strange review of different browsers, this. PC World tests IE and Firefox GA versions against Chrome and Safari Beta versions for speed, and then concludes that speed is not important, but that safety is. So, why test Betas then?
    (tags: firefox)
  • “Chrome sucks web pages off the Internet like an Electrolux. So does Firefox. In this test I haven’t managed to separate them significantly.” More on browser performance from Eskilstuna’s own David Naylor: Firefox 3.1 beta 3 is extremely fast. When you forget about performance, you probably have good performance.
    (tags: firefox)
  • “Mozilla originally promised a browser update by Wednesday (1 April) but, in a pleasing departure for standard software development cycles, ended up pushing out the revamp several days ahead of schedule” Very gracious from The Register, and yes, folks were burning the midnight oil inside Mozilla to get this done. I actually saw this reported elsewhere as an attempt by Mozilla to bury news, by pushing out the fix on a weekend. Riiiight.
  • Interesting piece: Firefox’s memory usage much lower than other browsers. As David Tenser often tells me, the relationship between reality and user perception is not always a direct one.
    (tags: firefox ie8)

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