Mixed Feelings

I see that the CyberMentors programme made this news on Tuesday.

Talking with my friends at BeatBulliyng about the launch of the CyberMentors programme gives me pause for thought.   They are clearly pretty busy.  But more to the point, they are busy because the CyberMentors programme is fulfilling an important need.  And I can also hear it in their voices that they have heard some pretty tragic and difficult stories.  As Sarah at BeatBullying told me, it cuts two ways.  The more successful, relevant and important the project seems to be, the more there is to be sad about.

At the moment, BeatBullying is trying to recruit members in South East England, because that is where they are able to train CyberMentors.  But I understand that they hope to hold trainings further afield, and maybe make the programme international.  Well, when I say international, it actually already is.  I hear that the CyberMentors site is receiving requests from young victims of bullying from all over Europe, and as far as the Middle East.  It makes you think that many of these youngsters may have had no one to turn to before the programme.

Mozilla is proud to be a CyberMentors partner.  If you are interested in volunteering as a CyberMentor, Mozilla can help pay for your training and background checks: please contact me for more information.

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