Foxier than The Register?

In November, The Register revealed that 47% of its readership chose Firefox over other browsers.  El Reg seemed rather proud of this aspect of its audience, apparently we exhibit “a certain technical savvy you won’t find in the general population”.  Well, quite.

But are Register readers the savviest demographic out there?  Or can they be bested?  Do you admininster a site with more than 47% (or can you come close)?   We put together a group on SpreadFirefox where you can show off.

A few ground rules:

  • Your site should have its own domain name (you own a .org, .com, .se, .cn etc).
  • You should not have an official association with Mozilla (other than being an affiliate, of course!).
  • You don’t break any laws or violate any rights by sharing this data.
  • We do this for honour and glory, i.e. no cheating and, uh, no prizes.
  • No adult content (if you aren’t sure…send it to me and I will check it out in the privacy of my own office).

Also, I have to give a special mention to Erick Leon Bolinaga, who is a student at the Universidad de las Ciencias Informaticas in Havana (UCI has around 13,000 students).  He has been spreading Firefox at his university, and his blog, “Firefoxmania” gets a whopping  66.8% of Firefox traffic.  Unfortunately, it is only available to members of the unversity, so The Register can breathe easy…for now.

But if you can down The Register’s score, please do visit SpreadFirefox and display your wares!

10 thoughts on “Foxier than The Register?

  1. “No adult content (if you aren’t sure…[…] I will check it out in the privacy of my own office).” – Why did I have to remember a White House intern here?

  2. Patrick, I was going to email you about this just yesterday (how eerie) to mention that there is a Japanese developer who has a cool project called ‘Fox Meter’ where he has a blog widget that measures the % of users who come to a page/blog from Firefox.

    While I don’t think we should go back to those bad old days (“this page best viewed in…”) I do think Fox Meter is a fun way to promote Firefox.

  3. @Wladimir…ok, that is an amazing score, also it is not a huge surprise 🙂

    @Simon, thanks, very interesting site.

    @Gen any plans to localise Foxmeter? I love it!

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