Pictures of Chairman MAOW

Three delightful days in Paris spent with colleagues and attending the inaugural Mozilla Add-on Workskop flew by (unlike, ironically, the journey there and back).   I spent a very entertaining time meeting William, Brian, Staś (known as Stats to some) and traveling there and back with the other half of Mozilla Eskilstuna, David.  David took the opportunity of being in Paris to avail himself of the latest and greatest in digital photography equipment.  But if, like me, you’re the kind of chap who always leaves his camera in his hotel room, you’ll find these images of Paris taken with a phone camera more to your taste.

William, demonstrating my favourite feature of the iPhone: its ability (thanks to a predictably poor battery life) to transform itself into the world’s most cumbersome mobile phone.

Detail from a beautiful Parisian art nouveau building, just behind and not to be confused with the Pompidou Centre, a less-than-beautiful Parisian modern art building.  More on this fabulous edifice here.

I agree with the sentiment but couldn’t fathom the irony at 7am.

The moon over the Paris Mairie.  There must be over 100 people immortalised in statues on its walls.  To my regret, I recognised about four of the names, and one of those was the wrong Camus.

A blast from my past: a crescent of virginal OpenSolaris CDs at the MAOW.

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