A happy confluence

(Inter)national treasure Stephen Fry talks about the 25th anniversary of the GNU project. Mr Fry is a wonderfully humanising influence (as the number of people who seem to want to appeal to him for personal counselling on his website would testify).

I am hugely sympathy for the Free software movement. Those within (and without) open source who dismiss it as “extremist” would do well to remember just how many visionary and important thinkers have come from outside of the mainstream. No; their apparent radicalism has done us all a great service.

But if I have a difficulty with the Free software movement at all, (and I’m not entirely sure I do), it is that it has occasionally demonstrated a lack of empathy for others. Our freedom is subservient to our underlying humanity, and not the other way around. And so, who better to introduce Free software than the very gentlest of gentlemen?

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